6 Classical Additions That Will Make Your Home Look Prime

Home Decor Accessories

Earlier it was said that digital age has diminished the demand of antique decor but now it has proved wrong. If you go around and search, then you would have noticed that old days are making a comeback. Individuals are looking for those antiques which can make their home theme look vintage. From retro design to classical craftsmanship, everything is coming back in a skin of new style. Have a look!

Couple of Bears with Lantern

Wild Warm Welcome Sign

One of the things I miss most about vintage are the welcome sign containing lantern. Being a proud owner of my home I have added this alpine solar couple of bears with lantern and welcome sign to make it look more aged.

Artistic Metal Mirror

Mirror-Mirror Wall Mirror

Mirror decoration is been in fashion from ancient times and being creating a vintage theme requires a mirror. Asymmetrical in design, this mirror has given my wall a gorgeous look. Suiting both contemporary and customary themes, one can fix this on any wall of their choice in the living room, bedroom, guestroom or hallway.

Classy Painting

Classy Floral Painting

This fantastic styled dogwood dream painting is as well adding the required charm of aged time. Featuring hand painted coral dogwood flowers, popping hues of gold and teal is perfect to spread on walls. You can place this in your hallway, living room for an added elegant touch.

Alluring Metal Elephant Wall Decor

Elephant from Empire’s Décor

This elephant head décor is perfect to mount on the wall facing the main door in the hallway. Featuring a silver metallic finish with a wrinkled pattern, this looks unique. This can also be hang in the lobby or over the door. Fix it on a plain wall and it is certainly marvel you and your guests to get all the attention.

Apple and Pear Desk Clocks

Apple and Pear Desk Clock

This pair of distressed desk clocks in fun fruit shapes and metal leaf detailing has helped me in gaining the desired look. Features rustic style in a set of two these unique styled clocks will instantly draw the sight of everyone visiting home.

Jewelry Holder

Gold and Silver Sequined Body Jewelry Holder

Brandishing a gold and silver sequined body, this jewelry holder looks ravishing like it has taken from princess’s palace. Equipped with six hangers, this jewelry holder is capable to accommodate all small or big accessories and make bedroom look lavish.

Add a hint of vivacity and grandeur to your home by paving these additional on board. These will not only please the eyes of one who is visiting but also create an aroma of old look. If you liked it, then you can also possess all from online store called www.wildorchidquilts.net

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Instant Abode Makeover with Affordable Solutions

Home Decor Furniture

Designing home is always been in a priority list in everyone’s life. And that is no surprise, if we change some furniture’s and accents as per need. Quick checking whole settings again will make you notice some changes which are required. If you update everything per latest trend than you’ll maintain style aroma all year around in the town.

Redecoration doesn’t mean that you have to invest again the same amount of money as you did earlier. But it requires smart additions so that I have added few affordable solutions to turn my home interior completely new.

Ship Wheel Wood Side End Table

This elegant décor piece has helped me to enlighten my hallway. There was an empty table lying down in the entry way so I hold this to replace my flower vase to bring some instant change. The best of this piece is that whatever is your home theme, this will go perfectly well.

Ladder Display Bookshelf

Secondly, I added this decorative 5 tier book shelf. Elegant ladder design, this contemporary bookcase has designed with a space saving technique thus it gets fits easily in the corners of any room. Features fashionable ladder design, the shelves narrow down in size from bottom to top giving space to display photo frames, books, and other collectible items.

Swivel Barstool

Third is this bar stool set which I found perfect for my abode. Compact design, this has a combo of both style and comfort. And this is perfect finished furniture which will blends seamlessly. With its interlocking circle design and plush black seat and perfectly positioned circular footrest this will add a touch of elegance.

Wood Screen decorative Protection

Fourth I considered this decorative 4 panel screen to add some class in dull areas of my abode. These have enticing design which can add best decorative protection and division to my spacious rooms. You can add this to any space of your room to bring the completeness.

Twin size bed

Fifth is this contemporary twin size upholstered bed to update the room. With a high headboard and low side rails covered with a rich brown leather-look material, this bed will complement any décor. This has anchored sleek, solid wood feet to complete the modern look.

Exclusive Wood Boxes

Last but not the least, this distinctive design wood boxes features a more traditional appearance. Bought these because of its decorative cum functional purposes, finished in a shade of brown, the texture is complemented with metallic locks. However, this set offers practical use as well as ample storage space.

Now you can see that how simple additions can make your living space extra warmth, charming and perfectly maintained. Aren’t you feeling to devote some changes to your abode? If yes, then do visit wildorchidquilts.net for finding helping additions.

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Do A Little More for the Day of Love

Valentine’s Day Special Products

Are you decorating on Valentine’s Day? I know, it sounds more concern but it is required. Because most of us find reasons in a form of occasions to celebrate or decorate home. Thus, I’ve also decided to do little more this year. I’ve taken some pretty additional as a valentine prep and thought of sharing with you all. Check out these latest sculptures, wall decor, wall sconces, candle holders and console table down below and if you like it, then you can visit the site to get hold on this or to search out other more.

Aluminium Dancing Sculpture

This dancing couple sculpture I found essentially important for this day decoration. This beautiful sculpture is not only depicting a dance move but also sporting a happy couple. I’ve put this in my living room but boundaries have no constraint for this, it can be used for versatile styling and for giving a dash of sophistication and opulence.

Polystone Sculpture

We all know, this is a day of pink and reds, thus featuring a glossy red structure are indeed needed accessory for this special day. Delicately moulded with a rollercoaster turns, this will turn heads in awe. This could also be used to be presented to your beloved valentine.

Led Wax Candle Remote Set

After red, this is must to have. Amazingly styled LED wax candle is featured with a remote set to brighten up interiors. You can light the candle or turns it off whenever needed without going near to it. Amazing isn’t. I have brought a set two, one to decorate living room and other one I wrapped for gifting.

Two Contemporary Metal Wall Sconces

This elegant yet stylish wall sconce I have chosen to add a romantic touch to my home decor. Featuring a geometric shape in a set of two, made from clear glass, one can light up pillar candles, flameless candles into it to spread the soft glow on this special day.

Amazing Metal Wall Star Set

I used this to accentuate my overall home decor in a classy way. Remarkable design with spiked edges in a set of 3, this has added a trendy touch to my place. I know you must be thinking that this has no connection with valentine theme but friends it must require if you want to decorate walls of your abode.

 Metal Wall Clock

This is yet another curious addition which I have taken. This utmost precision wall clock is featuring a star burst design which can heavenly create a fantastic appearance on this day. This has added a great interior and making me remind always about time.

Decorating home is always a fun job. But it becomes more enjoyable if you’re decorating for a purpose. Whichever it be a grand addition or small accents, every single tiny thing will spread around home the contentment and happiness. Be sure to comment below and visit our site. Happy Valentine’s Day!!!

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Turn Your Boring Interior into Fresh with Adding Small Tit Bits

Interior Home Decor

Changes always lead a new beginning, bring sparkling effect into life and create all together a new era. Same like if you carry some changes in your home setup it will break monotony and will create a new aesthetic feel into the interiors. Likewise, I carried some additional to my abode to give a new fresh look. Changes don’t require big things to add on but adding small tiny things will work sometimes big than usual. Take a look what all consists in my list.

Enthralling Styled Small Brown Swirl Vase

I’m sure nobody will check their pocket for buying beautiful vases, so did I. I brought this attractive brown swirl vase to make my décor look unique styled. Its wavy texture is enough designed to catch attraction and appreciations of everyone with eliminating boringness of decor.

Engaging Essentials Ivory Floral Bundle

Vases are exceptionally found in every home undoubtedly, but do you find fresh flowers in it. I rarely noticed some who tend to change flowers on every day. I didn’t get time to do this thus I brought a permanent solution in a skin of ivory flower bundle. These pretty artificial flowers with leaves in a white or green hue will perfectly matching my home settings.

Binnacle Enchanting Rope Table Lamp

Third is this Redolent rope table lamp, its enchanting design have lightened up night décor with warm glow. Beautifully crafted with natural jute and iron, this table lamp has added a unique touch to my interior.

Lovely Forever Love Sign

This lovely sign bored took my attention on its first look. By getting home this Forever love sign Let love be forever in your family is making an adorable wall decor. Pleasing white and grey shades in zigzag patterns will be perfect to add beauty to the interiors.

Innovatively Styled Large Red Lidded urn

This globular voluptuous shape red urn is definitely going to be the center of attraction in every home. It will be a perfect inclusion in indoor space by keeping it on the side table or center. Its luster shiny texture will illuminate all home interior in a refined manner.

Ceramic Garden Stool

This garden stool is a very random selection. The main purpose was that it can be used for multipurpose like as a table or as stool. Ceramic made, dyed in mint green color; this stool will add an excellent seating option to any room or corner of your house, be it living room, bedroom, kid’s room, veranda, garden and all.

I hope you’re still tuned with my blog and must have liked it. Remember deviations will always bring good changes. Thus, changes are good and one should try it on fortnightly basis. Do share your comments and suggestions down below in the comment box.

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Six Adorable Solutions for Living Room Decoration that Matters

Home Decor Accessories

When we decide to design home, we always start from living room area. No surprise because this area is the heart of every home and this center part catches attraction of every eye visiting home. Well-decorated living area will entertain you always and your guests all year around. Therefore, you cannot afford to take chance of mistake which will get noticed by others visiting abode.

Decoration doesn’t mean that you should bring all branded high class additions to create artistic ambience like hotel in room, but it means that create natural, settled homey environment with affordable solutions. Here is my list which I’m sharing with you, just go through it and if you find it worth attractive, then make this a part of your home addition also.

Cappuccino TV Console

Living room decoration is incomplete without this meek contemporary elegant yet rich cappuccino TV console. Best is that this contains eight spacious storage drawers to store all your entertainment accessories, two open storage shelves to keep your electronic components and in total this is perfect to blend functionality with fashion.

Drawer Compact Vertical Chest

Other addition could be a chest drawer, this contemporary five drawer chest is perfect for storage and style option. Stylish sleek design four drawer chests have completed my décor style and uniquely designed antique knobs has perfectly dressed up my space.

Home Accents

This attractive two drawer shelf is again a mobile unit which is great additional for my space. Place this next to your sofa set and store small things under the drawers or can keep latest books and magazines on its top surface.

Black Laminate Wall Shelf

Well, bare wall cannot be ignored, thus I mounted this intersecting black wall shelf to give it more finished look. Three intersecting cubbies is perfect for revamping wall. It features a black laminated finish which will look good with other wall décor accessories as well.

Vetraio Chandelier

If you are a decor enthusiast, you would love this chandelier, it is an excellent decor addition for any styled or themed home. This ceiling mount lighting fixture is uttermost important for home furnishing. Hand-made glass is held in classic European iron to give strong traditional appeal. It will spread the special lighting effects on the floor.

Black Slate Corner Rack

Finally, an extraordinary corner rack also carries important. At some home, you must have seen that there is home bar, kitchen area connected to living area thus in that case corner racks will do wonder in decorating corners. Positioned this on any corner of any room to store things with spreading bright hues.

Now, see how simple solutions can work awesomely without taking much stress of money. So, if you’re impressed by the style of my taste, then get these soon.

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Visit Today, Pick Best, Ensure Good in This Winters

Handmade Quilts

Hello friends! I hope you all have enjoyed your holidays and still mesmerizing the blast. Winter is the only wonderful season where we relished on all the colorful things to decorate our house in a best way. This is the time when we travelled a lot, party more and sleep most. For me, important is either or only quilts. You won’t believe I always buy couple of them in every season. But yes, I did this only when stores offer great discounts or closeout sale. Thus, I did purchase six pair which I found perfectly awesome for my abode and I think it will be helpful for you also. Let’s started with my list of warming treasures.

Soho Queen Quilt Set

First is Soho Queen Quilt, it is very stylish and gets fit well into modern trend homes. What I loved most in this is its stylish tone which is carrying a different shade of gray accented with lace motifs in corn silk, black and silver. You will also get a pair of shams to give a complete bedding ensemble to protect yourself in this winter.

Nautical Stripes Cotton Quilt

This nautical stripes cotton quilt seems like it has designed for my bed. It includes nautical stripes in red, white and blue to create American themed authentic look. This is ideal to create a nautical feel in farm house or sea side villa.

Dakota Star Queen Quilt

I love taking nap under this fluffy Dakota star queen quilt. It is featured with 8-point star in the center and is surrounded by a feathered star quilted pattern with a black designer broad border. It is giving my bedroom a chic look with enhancing a comfort level. Importantly very light in weight thus easy to carry from one place to other.

Patriotic Patch King Size Quilt

The next and most lovable is premium hand crafted patriotic one, coming uniquely in king size. This is one which is designed to meet out luxurious needs of modern life style, where comfort and style values more. It includes multi-color patches of red, blue, yellow and brown to coordinate well with any types of existing furnishing.

Kettle Grove Cotton Quilt

Kettle Grove cotton king size is one of elegant and fascinating quilt that contains mix and match prints in square shape. It has patch work design of star and bird which is looking outstandingly beautiful on light color. This will look great in any room.

Sharing my shopping list has always brought me an inner joy and inspires me a lot to perform many decorative changes at my abode. I hope you will find perfect one for your abode too. Till then, happy winters and happy quilting.

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You Won’t Regret by These Additions to Your Porch

Home Decor Furniture

I’m always excited about winters and I’m sure you would also love. But did you ever think for the reason behind. Why do we plan so many things in winters and not in summers? We all are aware of answers somewhere in our mind. Winter indeed brings many occasions to celebrate and it motivates us also to make our home cozier and warmth. This is the perfect time when you will see so many bright hues in the market for transformation. And this is the time when we spend more hours lying at our home. Thus, I decided to give a little touch and new feel to my home and I’m not regretting by adding these additions.

Orange Lift Bar Stool Outdoor Patio Set

First and fore most importantly I added this hip-hop bar stools. This will be giving an elegant finish to my porch with providing an extra space to sit under the sun to enjoy drinks with hot chatting. You must have noticed that in winters people made their bar setup outside the home to enjoy the family party and friend’s togetherness more. Therefore, I did change and this generously comfortable cushion seat is doing well.

Square Plant Stand

I needed more tools for sittings, thus, I brought this charming set of 3 stand as an addition. Sturdy designed with iron alloy and woven top is best to bloom up whole setup decoration. Every sitting place requires a table to keep thing on it to enjoy everything smoothly so I added this lovely addition.

Brown Leather Look Side Chair

Likewise, two stools are not enough for sitting if you’re planning guest s at home then you must be needed proper sitting arrangement. These stylish chairs I found the best to complement the porch setting. Generously padded with cushioned leather in cappuccino finish is comforting more with appealing look.

Petite Audio Video Storage Shelf

After adding chairs, stool and table, you need a chest or shelf for storing things on it. Outdoor setup of party requires a wood shelf necessarily. This uniquely structured, stylish chest is best to use for keeping speakers and players on it. Compact design shelf best to pick and shift anywhere it required.

Vintage Wood Metal Wall Hook

This is something which I loved most, adding these on to the one wall of my porch is giving an antique look. This classy wood and metal five wall hook frame is sprucing up party feel at home. Accumulating these will not only complement the party theme but will also give you a space to hang coats, purses, keys, etc. to create the difference.

Friends I have shared my list of shopping to you and I don’t know whether you have also changed your home setup or not, but if you did then do share your experience with us and if you don’t then I hope my list will help you out in shopping. Stay positive and cheers to shopping in winters.

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Must Have Essential That Matters in Home Decoration

Home Decor Accessories

Do you think that designing home is not that easy as it sounds, your keen observation should take care for every corner or space? We all know about the essential which every home owns at the time of redecorating and at the time of home makeover. If I asked you to make a list of new furniture for your home, no surprise that you will also count the same list down on paper like me.

In today’s blog, we are more focusing on to the must have furniture piece which is required all years long for living comfortable life. I know everyone must have had it already at their home, but if in case you want to change it, you can buy these.

Just have a look on to my list of new furniture which I carried for home makeover.

Stylish Storage Bench

I wanted to provide some additional space to my living area, thus I brought this tufted stylish upholstered storage bench as a new home accent. Crafted with durable wood in ivory hue, this is perfect bench for my contemporary home setting not only for sitting but to give storage space to my households.

Antebellum Media Stand

This media stand is my favourite, because it is not just a frame to hold my LED onto it, not just a storage space but it is perfectly going well with my contemporary setting. It featured two cabinet on both ends, large center storage and concealed side storage with an adjustable shelfs. You could see, it is perfect for all media storage.

Antique Brown Wood Dining Set

Refurbishment of home is incomplete without considering dining hall setting. I brought this classy 6-piece dining set crafted uniquely and dyed in antique brown to give rustic appeal to the home aura. You can use pillows to decked up its back rest for more comfort.

Core File Cabinet On Castors

I was more focused towards the cabinet storage unit thus, I added this. Dyed in cappuccino, this hollow three drawer cabinet will keep my document and precious things at safe. As I said I made contemporary home setting, this silver handled accent drawer is best addition into home.

Queen Size Bed

Now comes my favourite room, I added leather look contemporary queen size upholstered bed frame to bedroom. Featured with high headboard & low side rails in dark leather look, solid wood feet are complementing my bedroom setting.

Classy and Unique Bathroom

Now comes the storage unit for bathrooms, this compact designed hanging cabinet has two decorative doors with pewter coloured handles that swing open to large. Shelf below doors can be used for washcloths & for Knick knacks and painted rod is best for hanging towels. It gets fit neatly in bathroom and offers quick additional storage.

Now, see home decoration is not that tough, aren’t you looking for same furniture for your home like me. If yes for these pieces and want more options to look for, than do plan your visit at wildorchidquilt.net. I’m sure you can’t resist yourself from buying.

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Simple Christmas Decoration with Small Chic Additions

Christmas Decor Accessories

Every one of us is excited about Christmas to come, so am I? I made my home ready to welcome Santa & Santa’s blessings with loads of gifts. I’ve been planning from months back for this lovely occasion to come & celebrate. Thus, I revamped complete settings of my home earlier to eliminate last minute rush to arrange everything on board. Today I’m sharing the small chic additions which I’ve added to give a final touch to my abode. Let’s start.

Uniquely Distinct Metal Candle Holder Set Of 3

First addition for my indoor decoration is candle holders; this lovely and astutely designed candle holder will leave a mesmerised setting all around the interior. These holders can hold different sizes of candle to throw striking light over the souls visiting home.

Classy Set of Two Metal Mosaic Candle Holder

Secondly, I brought these classy metal mosaic candle holders for outdoor decoration, polished in silver finish so that it will look best on occasion. The hammered base texture with unique design is giving my dwelling a manifest look with spreading positive light and warmth.

Fascinating Unique Styled Santa 2 Assorted

No Christmas decoration is complete without Santa, thus I brought this Unique Styled Santa Assorted 2 decorative to my abode space. Designed in multicoloured shades, this will exclusively accentuate well with Christmas decoration. You can place this over the side table, mantel or shelf to steal the spotlight.

Pretty Metal Led Wall Bow 2 Assorted

The tiniest and simplest addition which I took is wall bow to make my abode’s wall look attractive. Pretty in looks, shades of red and green, in build LED lights will help in adorning the décor. This is best if we’re organizing a party in lawn, hang these on trees. This can also be hanging to the wall in your living room, hallway or bedroom.

Classy Metal Led Xmas SignLast but most important is Xmas sign to bring home the spirit of happiness & love all around. This rectangular sign board, written loud “Merry Christmas” in bold white hue is perfect to be added to the living room, hallway or patio wall.  Indeed, this ideal décor piece will glam up abode with bright lights.

Thank you for reading and inspiring me. Stay tuned with our site so that you’ll get a share shot of every new and latest additional respectively on time.

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Make Your Home Christmas Ready to Welcome Santa on Board

Christmas decor products

We almost welcome Christmas every year being celebrating at home but now the time is to do the craziest thing to decorate your beautiful abode to welcome Santa on board. I recently bought a couple of magical things to add personal touch and charm to the decoration.

I always try to minimize things to keep my native fun place look clean, tidy & a bit interesting. Over stuffing is never done by me. If you’ve read my last blogs, then you would probably have noticed that I don’t like staying stick to one theme of décor for long. I made to put all fleecy and nesting things to create a new feel.

Once you scroll down you will get to know the things which I’ve kept up for decoration. Let’s begin around with exploring!!!

Marvelous Wood Metal Xmas Tree

First important element of day decoration is incomplete without Christmas tree; thus, I add this stunning wood metal Xmas tree. This marvellous tree is designed in an elegant manner with shades of brown which looks astounding at apt place of choice.

Set of 3 Christmas Metal Long Bell

Nobody dares to forget bells in Xmas decoration, I brought these pair of bells to add soothing sound and brilliant color to my festival settings. Sportingly designed in a deep red color with snowflakes to let its sound clearly loud and to accentuate a truly occasion look.

Christmas Statuary

I found this elegant Christmas statuary in multi hues with a shiny finish as a perfect inclusion for Christmas. I placed this near to Christmas tree but you can keep in your living room, hallway to give your interiors a complete stunning appeal.

Classic Santa LED Lantern

My favourite piece: Santa led lantern made my fever of decoration go up. This is so chic & beautiful and adding this is making my place look more startled & gorgeous. This is ideal and worth of buying for decoration.

Large Tree Wall Photo Frame 6 Picture Frames

We don’t let go any moment without clicking pictures, thus, this classic metal wall photo frame of 6 pictures is perfect to add in décor. Revive old memories and make others jealous by showing off.

Scattered Italian Plates Wall Art

I cannot let wall look bare, adding these six plates of different size and design made my interior look different and innovative. Floral pattern on each plate is well designed that one cannot take their eyes off from this beautiful drawl.

Thank you for reading and if you would like to see more product range then visit Wildorchidquilt.net today. Happy decoration and merry Christmas friends!!! Stay blessed!

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